Monday, October 17, 2011

IIM Indore's Baffling Move to Undergraduate Segment

Disclaimer: I am an IIM Indore '08 Alumni. 

When IIM Indore decided to offer a five year Integrated Program in Management (BBA+MBA equivalent), I was baffled
  1. 5 Year Integrated Program will never attract the best talent. Without the best talent, placement numbers are never going to be good
  2. Handling & Managing a 17 or 18 year old kid out of the school is a skill in itself. And IIM Indore (a post graduate institute) currently does not have this skill. 
  3. Not sure whether IIM Indore's currently faculty bandwidth would allow it. 
So it was no surprise to read Times of India article on undergraduate students (who were offered a seat for 5 year Integrated Program in Management @ IIM Indore) being baffled by IIM Indore notice to pursue a distance program on the side.

The story underlines that IIMs are not empowered to give degrees to academic institution. As an alumni, this was not a surprise to me. That is why the programs are not called MBAs but rather PGPs.

But suggesting the candidates to pursue a three year distance education program is taking it a little too far. Sad to see IIM Indore going the IIPM way.. :(

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