Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Excuses for Gurgaon Metallica Stage Riot

Whatever might be the reason 

  • Poor Management
  • No Security
  • No Proper Arrangement for Food & Water
  • Waiting for 2 hours in Queues
  • Travelling from other places,
We, as Indians, have no right to damage other's property. Hope the police uses the Youtube evidences (1, 2, etc.) to nap the culprits. 

P.S: By the way, it is BS to point this as a mistake of Delhities. 


Ajay said...

Robin, The world you are talking about is an ideal world.. Why then have security at all? Just two points and then you can make your judgement:

(a) This is heavy metal we were are talking about.. Shit happens.. Read this account to understand what has happened this time :

(b) We are lucky to get away without a stampede or even an injury .. Any other country and this had happened, i am not sure fans would have been this lucky

We have a lot of problems in India and at the grassroots.. This isn't one of them.. This is totally attributable to the idiots who organised this event- DNA Network, etc who have caused this national shame.

Unknown said...

Whatever the reason might have been, riots/vandalization is wrong.. That is my entire point.. I can also if DNA Networks have done a mistake, they should be jailed and punished. But vandalizing the property is not the solution/justice for the wrong things done by DNA networks..

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