Monday, October 24, 2011

Paying more for pizzas than for the maid

In the recent article on New York Times - "Why I left India?" by Sumedh Mungee, he made a interesting point on how he paid more for Pizzas rather than his maid. And all of us are used to the same. In today's India, we pay for our meals than we pay to our maids for their monthly labor. 

Thanks to the cheap workforce, we never even give a second thought to these inequalities. In my opinion, Domestic Helps & Maids are a sheer waste of human potential and a drain on the Indian economy. Until India frees this unproductive workforce from domestic duties and convert them to productive workforce, India will never become a economic superpower. Hope the situations change soon in India. 

P.S: Though i can understand Sumedh viewpoints on disagreeing to the compromised life in India, I agree with more with Navin Kabra's answer

Photo Image: Courtesy Seth W. 


Bernice Jacinth Agastin said...

My humble opinion is that getting away with domestic workers is highly impossible and will do no good to either of the two parties . The problem is unfair wages. Even among the educated communities none cares for these unorganized workers. If the workers become organized and have their wages fixed , they surely can build their lives. Especially in places like our very own Tirunelveli if people start paying housemaids fairly before planning to send money for evangelistic works , that will serve them better. Also there are organizations here that serve both the parties fairly but as the workers demand weekly off and hourly wages and other perks , people prefer independent workers rather than ones from these organized forms !!

Unknown said...

I do agree with your point of view. But I was covering from the perspective it was a huge loss for the Indian economy if such a huge group of people are not adding any measurable value to the economy.

Bernice Jacinth Agastin said...

@Robin :
Indeed, It is true that the unregulated informal sectors like these impinge the formal economy because of their lack of access to credit , poor sanitation and living conditions,being unwilling to educate children,etc .But in a way these sectors add value to the real economy by improving the comfort levels of the formal working class. Definitely,their potential should be tapped through proper strategies to avoid the drain on economy.

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