Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When will India taste true secularism?

Recent Delhi University Controversy over the inclusion of AK Ramanujan's Ramayana is a proof that we, the Indian people are pseudo-secularists. 

Though we pride ourself that we are a secular nation, we allow
  1. Indians to be banned and driven out of nation because of their expressed opinions in a book in a supposedly free country.
  2. Artists/Painters to be driven out because of their work that supposedly offended a particular religion
  3. Schools to use the stories from their religious holy book as a part of their "x minute moral hour"
  4. We never raise an issue when religions & religious rituals are a part of "secular" governments, "secular" firms, "secular" colleges and "secular" schools
Makes me to doubt that I will ever see a truly secular India in my lifetime.

Indian Flag

P.S: Secularism in my mind means absence of religions or religious rituals rather than presence of all possible religions and religious rituals. 

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