Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Letter to my 1 year old

Personal blog post - written on the eve of the first birthday of my baby.

Dear Sheryl,

First something you should never forget. You are a part of God's plan - Can say this with 100% confidence, because few days before your conception, we prayed for the first time, committing our baby & timing of the birth to God's plans & his will. So whenever you read this - Know this, You are a part of God's plan. Wherever you go, whatever you do, God is going to be always be with you.

Your 10 months of pregnancy - went like a breeze to me [I am sure that Mommy has more experiences to share :)]. But we had decided to name you 'Sheryl Samuel' if you are a girl. But we felt that God has been graceful to our family - during the entire experience. So we named you Sheryl Grace Samuel. So do remember that our God is a graceful God.

Right from the Minute, I held you in my hands, the love started. Right from changing your first nappy to seeing you sleep for the first, you felt a part of me. I should confess that I have never been as happy as seeing your first 'poop'.  You were a darling right from day one.

More than 'big' moments (commonly depicted in media) like

  • saying 'Dada' for the first time
  • standing up for the time
  • sitting up for the first time
  • laughing for the first time
  • tickling for the first time
  • sleeping on my chest for the first time 
It is your gradual & incremental growth & change that i love you the most. Whatever you did 'new' it never surprised your daddy. 

I love the way you enjoy our walks. I love the way you are happy when i come back from office. I love the way you hug while sleeping. I love the way you know me - right on the day of your birth. I love the way we enjoyed our first vacation at Neemrana. I love the way you want to do everything your mommy & dad does. I love the fact that it is the simple things - rather than your expensive toys that excite you. I love the way you can keep yourself engaged with your own plays.. But still need an assuring look at your parent every few minutes. I love your energy. Most importantly, I loved how you changed me. 

Thanks for the truly exhilararting ride as a 'dad'. Loving every day. Exhilarating also because there is mommy to take care of all my shortcomings and to take care of both of us - twice over. 

With evergreen love, 
 - Daddy

P.S: Mommy is asking where is my 1 year letter? So keep this letter a secret. :) 


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Nishant said...

Great Letter Robin :)

Kalyani said...

Beautifully expressed Robin.

Sapna said...

Beautiful letter Robin

Maha said...

Anna, beautiful. Sheryl is blessed to have a godly man as her dad.

Unknown said...

Thanks @Nishant, @Kalyani, @Sapna & @Maha